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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Aristescent and his Stream of Romance..

Aristescent was a handsome god with locks of golden hair and sparkly blue eyes, which made him the image of a perfect man. He was blessed with the gift of intelligence and using it to create romance through the sense of smell.

The Stream of Romance flowed with water of different fragrances. They all flowed separately, never reaching a destination and never emerging as one. They cleansed young, beautiful bodies and made young ladies smell as fresh as a rosebud. Only the most beautiful women would go to the river and cleanse their bodies with this magic water. No man could ever reach them, because as long as the water did not merge, so will man not merge with woman.

Aristescent saw a need of romance in this paradise of tropical trees and sparkling water, so he decided that he will combine only the best flavours and create a potion of love.

Steam in the form of hearts evaporated from the mixture as it combined to form a beautiful red colour. The most wonderful fragrance escaped from the mixture and filled the air. 

The next day, young ladies arrived at the river and smelled something they have never smelt before. Immediately, they felt very passionate and romantic. As they washed themselves and smelled like rosebuds, young men arrived at the river. The young men were built with majestic form and they all had golden locks and sparkling blue eyes. They were the desire of every woman and the hatred of any ordinary man. These men were the brave ones to step forward. The ladies were attracted to these men and invited them to step into the river with them. As their bodies were washed and a wonderful scent escaped, they fell in love with the each other.

Since then, anyone who felt lonely and in the need of passion and romance, would go to the river and wash themselves. They would carry a wonderful scent and attract handsome men or beautiful young ladies. They would then fall in love with each other, get married and have children. As these children will mature, they will feel in need of love and so they will visit the river and the same thing will happen to them. This was how it was carried through generations of families. 

This was the reason why men and women feel so attracted to another through scent. It was the beginning of ‘love is in the air’.                    

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